Emmett Hunter From “Atlanta” Says You, Too, Can Become An Actor!

Emmett Hunter From “Atlanta” Says You, Too, Can Become An Actor!

If you’ve ever wanted to become an actor but have felt that the industry is too competitive, the art is too difficult to learn, and only certain kinds of people are successful…hopefully, today’s interview will challenge your thinking and encourage you to just GO FOR IT!

Last year, I started watching Donald Glover’s critically-acclaimed show, “Atlanta” on FX. I’m a total Donald Glover fan. In my opinion (and in the opinion of lots of decision makers in the entertainment industry), he’s one of the most gifted creatives of his generation.

Donald Glover is an actor, writer, producer, director, comedian, rapper, singer, and songwriter, and DJ. Basically, he’s a creative polymath – exceptionally skilled in multiple areas.

I was a fan before I even knew I was a fan, because he used to write for “30 Rock.” I was watching (and loving) the show before I’d heard of him. Meanwhile, my 19 year old daughter knows EVERYTHING Donald Glover and has followed him for years.

Donald raps, sings, and song-writes under the name Childish Gambino. If you watched “Get Out” earlier this year, you heard his song “Redbone” as the film was beginning.

(His DJ moniker is McDJ. lol)

Anyway…back to FX’s “Atlanta.” I’ve never been so excited to watch a TV show in my life. When it ended, I re-watched it three or four times.