January, 2017 Progress Report

January, 2017 Progress Report

Welcome to my January progress report where I show you how things are going for me behind the scenes as a copywriter and blogger. I know it’s April, now, but January is where I started making some major changes in my work and lifestyle. So…it makes sense to share what happened at the start of the year and give my next progress report from there.

In this report, I share how much I earned for a specific reason…but I’m not always going to share my income. This has been a year of significant changes, and I am excited to let you in on what I do and (hopefully) inspire you to choose to do what you love, as well.

In January, I earned almost all of my income through writing, but I also made a pretty significant change and that was this: unless there’s some kind of financial emergency in my household, I really don’t want to take on a whole lot of copywriting clients outside of my primary client.

I’ll never say never, though. 😉